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Yesterday I went to one of my favourite stores. Ever since I was in high school, Pen & Pad has catered to my love of fine writing instruments and beautiful journals. Luckily this store is, decades later, still a part of Albuquerque’s fairly fixed and little-changed retail landscape.

I enjoyed browsing amongst the pretty blank books and the pens. Oh, the pens. Especially the fountain pens. There were some truly divine specimens on display, and I wanted to take several of them home with me.

And then I found the Visconti collection. Oh, my goodness. A lovely grouping of beautiful fountain pens whose designs are influenced by Vincent van Gogh. My favourite writing instrument and my favourite artist combined. Unfortunately, the collection of twelve pens are sold as a group, for $2,950.00. Yes, almost three thousand dollars. Granted, that works out to $245.83 per pen, which is not too bad for a fountain pen. But still. Buying all twelve at once is a bit of a financial setback.

Since I couldn’t take just one home—and had that been a possibility I very well might have made the splurge—I considered snapping a quick photograph. But there are some objects in this world that are simply too beautiful for pictures. These pens (and the word combinations I would create with one) are just such objects.



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Another writing prompt from the Poetic Asides blog, this one on the topic of shopping.

if I could
pick, would I
Angie’s lips,
JLo’s ass,
or Melania’s husband?
it might be fun to
try them on, but
eventually, I
would want to
exchange them for
the originals

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