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Divinity of Infinity

the religious will profess that
everyone must make time to confess,
since that’s what the parables proclaim

but the prodigious procession
leading to confession will leave an
aftertaste of absolute disdain

the terrible reality
is parables teach morality–
history is nowhere to be found

believe in the infinity
of absolute divinity, but
truly, it’s the other way around


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Just so you know…

I Got It

I got
I got
I got that pizzazz
that strut, that sway
yeah, I got it
make you turn your head
want to stay in bed
yeah, I got it
got your time of day
send your thoughts astray
but you got
you got to learn
that you must earn
what I got
you have to woo me
and charm me
and never try to harm me

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again, and

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…written immediately following a break-up. I found it on the back of an old bill I was going to throw away.

my love
I cannot stay
and so I give you
half the sky
I will keep the thunder
and rain clouds and hail
you keep the rainbows
and sunshine
I am not strong enough to
save us both
and I have learned I can
be my own sunshine

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saudade — longing, melancholy, nostalgia
the love of something or someone that is missing or lost

How is it possible for me
to be homesick for a home
I’ve never had? Sometimes,
when the moon keeps me
company, I remember you.
Perhaps it is the sterile silver
light, casting shadows on
everything but my heart.
Night is when I miss you
most, not because you are
gone, but because I never
knew you, or your heart,
as cold and sterile and
unresponsive to my touch
as moonbeams.

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free writes
lead to
and re-writes
lead to

Just go with it. This is an expression favoured by my 6-year-old son of late. I’m not sure where he picked it up, but he has embraced it fully. He also seems to utter it just when I need to hear it most. I think it’s part of why we make such a good team.

Adults can learn so much from children. Being present. Being in the moment. Not being self-conscious. Appreciating what you’ve got right before you.

As a stage manager, I frequently tell my actors that if they want a lesson in commitment, they need to watch a young child eat an ice cream cone. Especially if it’s hot. Do they care about the ice cream running down their hand, down their arm, to their elbow? Do they care that their face is a mess? No. The mission is clear—eat as much ice cream as possible, minimise loss. Everything else is secondary, inconsequential.

It’s so easy to get caught up, as a grown-up, with inconsequential matters. I do it. You do it. And sometimes, when things aren’t going as planned or as hoped, you have most likely not been presented with an insurmountable problem. It’s helpful to remember life wisdom as seen by a 6-year-old.

Just go with it.

N.B. (added the following morning) Last night, as we were getting ready for bed, my son complained that his nose felt ‘uncomfortable’. I handed him a tissue and suggested he try blowing. He did try, but told me there wasn’t any snot left in it. Then he crawled back into bed and said, ‘I’ll just go with it’.

Oh, he makes me laugh.

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I wrote a poem a couple of years ago (and I think I even posted it here on this blog), but it goes so well with a picture I took yesterday that I am compelled to post the two together.

Plus, it’s just too hot to write anything new. I’m still readjusting to the desert heat of New Mexico. The intense, scorching, debilitating heat. Let’s face it, in Seattle a broken air conditioner in your car is an inconvenience. In Albuquerque? It’s brutal. It was 91° today. Thank goodness for Sonic’s afternoon happy hour–slushies for a dollar each!

Anyway, here’s my old poem paired with my new photo.

Blowing Bubbles

easily made
easily broken
gentle floating
spheres whose
destruction delights
your smile
wraps itself
around my


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