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Divinity of Infinity

the religious will profess that
everyone must make time to confess,
since that’s what the parables proclaim

but the prodigious procession
leading to confession will leave an
aftertaste of absolute disdain

the terrible reality
is parables teach morality–
history is nowhere to be found

believe in the infinity
of absolute divinity, but
truly, it’s the other way around


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If only…

Second Chances

the first cup
of tea is never
as sweet as
the second


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The finding continues…

Another notebook, another found poem.

you stole my heart
but I can’t blame you
I was a willing accomplice
(didn’t even want to
pay the ransom)

now that I want it back
you’ve pawned it for
covered parking and
extra closet space

I miss the comforting
lull of the beats

never mind
you can keep it
it’s broken anyway

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Challenges galore…

The challenge today is to write a tanka; a poetic form similar to the haiku. Unlike the haiku, though, the tanka is pretty strict about syllables per line: 5-7-5-7-7. I took this opportunity to write about something I love – words.

some words fall out of
use, even though still needed
apricity means
warmth of the sun in winter
words like this comfort my soul

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The prompt for today’s challenge is to write a poem in which people interact without saying anything. Here’s what I came up with.

Blowing Bubbles

easily made
easily broken
gentle floating
spheres whose
destruction delights
your smile
wraps itself
around my

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It’s National Poetry Month. Huzzah!

It’s also the April PAD challenge…one poem a day for the whole month. I didn’t make it through the entire month last year, so we’ll see what 2012 brings. Given that I’m participating in the other challenge and moving in a couple weeks, things could get tight.

Anyway, in honor of this month’s poetic theme, I’ve written something that combines two of my loves: poetry and grammar. Hope you enjoy.

Ode to White and Strunk
I sat at the table of contents
feasting on serial commas
and mixed metaphors that went
straight to my head

periodic sentences  came at the
beginning and stayed
to the end
but happily,
needless words were omitted
from the guest list

the vowels were late, having
stopped at the Glottal Café
for tea

the tenses and participles
were present, but
the tenses kept shifting and
the participles

all the while, overdressed
ate awkwardly

in the end,
the infinitives

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For Marianne

I live the tangled questions

searching for answers



tells me what I need



it’s the


that matters

so I just live

the tangled questions

and am


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