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Fighting with a 6-year-old…

pillowsExcerpts from This Morning’s Pillow Fight:

Him: Ow! Ow! Ow! Oh, that didn’t hurt.

Him: I need a rest. [pause] I can’t rest when you’re tickling me!

Him: Don’t hit me there!
Me: Sorry. Pillow fights aren’t exactly choreographed.

Him: Best pillow fight ever!

I believe Round 2 is on for tomorrow morning…


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Look on the bright side…

I don’t begrudge Death
her sense of humor
we all need
a hobby

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Another writing prompt from the Poetic Asides blog, this one on the topic of shopping.

if I could
pick, would I
Angie’s lips,
JLo’s ass,
or Melania’s husband?
it might be fun to
try them on, but
eventually, I
would want to
exchange them for
the originals

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