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Sunday, muddy Sunday…

 Another week, another update. It wasn’t a terribly productive week, but it wasn’t disappointing, either. I’ll take it.

#1 – Edit “Elliott”: The status of this particular goal remains the same. Haven’t started yet. But not worried about it. Yet.

#2 – Submit twice a month: I’m halfway there. I was going to submit something original to a contest, but I was not happy with what came out. And not in the holy cow, I’m about to hit “submit” and this sucks and the judges are going to laugh at me kind of not happy with it. It just wasn’t good. I’d rather let that opportunity go by and focus on something else than submit something I think is sub-par.

#3 – Post once or twice a week on the blog: I have posted to this blog, but it’s mostly just been updates for ROW80. So while I’m making an effort, it hasn’t been particularly inspired. I’m going to try to step this one up a bit next week.

#4 – Write a poem every week: I did write a poem this week, and I have about half of another one rolling around in my head. Good progress here, I think.

#5 – Read a story a day: Again, the one goal in this challenge that I don’t have too much trouble with. Although I’ve been so busy and tired, it has been a little difficult to fit a short story in every day. But I’m happy to report that we’re twenty days into this challenge, and I’ve read twenty-five stories.

I’m glad I added this as one of my goals. It’s fun, which helps keep me focused on my other goals in the challenge. But it helps with the percolating stage, too. I can’t count how many times I’ve read even a single word, or a combination of two or three words, and that just sends my brain down a path of its own that I wouldn’t have discovered if I hadn’t been reading.

I picked up a book of hint fiction edited by Robert Swartwood. I think I’m definitely going to have to include something about this in the next round.

Check the status of everyone else.


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