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Hmm…perhaps it’s a bit early to start confessing. I mean, I only got my acceptance notice yesterday. But I’ve already experienced quite the gamut of emotions.

Anxiety? Hell yeah. Waiting to hear one way or the other definitely produced a fair amount of anxiety. And when I saw the email in my inbox, with the subject line “Cultural Studies Admission,” I hesitated before opening. I guess it’s the 21st century version of staring at the unopened envelope, hoping for “Congratulations!” but dreading the possibility of “Thank you for applying, but…”

Joy? Yes, there was decided joy and excitement when I finally did bring myself to open that email. Pride? Most assuredly. I’m very proud of myself. This isn’t the most competitive program out there, but they don’t accept everyone, so rejection could have been an option.

Fear? Trepidation? Yep. Those are there, too.

But mostly, what concerns me most is the practical dilemma of finding child care for my three-year-old son. Classes are at night, when day care centers typically aren’t open. However, I managed to get my undergrad degree as a single mom. Somehow, I have faith that this will work out, too.

How? I don’t know. It’s a mystery.


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Okay, so far this week I’ve pretty much ignored my ROW80 goals because I was focused on finishing my application for grad school. If you ever decide to apply for grad school, I offer this word of advice…make the decision more than a week before the deadline. I know, I know – this comes as a shock, but trust me when I say that you will be doing yourself a favor if you allow more than a week to gather your info and write a &*(#^%  damn  passable  awesome personal statement.

The deadline was midnight last night. I had everything in by 9:30 p.m. So now I can focus on other things.

But just to prove that I haven’t been a total slacker, here’s a list of the short stories I’ve read so far during this challenge:

  1. Chivalry, Neil Gaiman *
  2. Nicholas Was…, Neil Gaiman
  3. The Price, Neil Gaiman
  4. Troll Bridge, Neil Gaiman *
  5. Don’t Ask Jack, Neil Gaiman
  6. Her Husband Didn’t, Yasunari Kawabata
  7. Homage, Nadine Gordimer
  8. Tomorrow’s Bird, Ian Frazier *
  9. The Goldfish Pool and Other Stories, Neil Gaiman
  10. The White Road, Neil Gaiman
  11. Queen of Knives, Neil Gaiman
  12. Story, Lydia Davis
  13. The Fears of Mrs. Orlando, Lydia Davis *
  14. Liminal: The Little Man, Lydia Davis
  15. Virgin, April Ayers Lawson
  16. The Palmist, Andrew Lam *
  17. Blood, Zdravka Evtimova
  18. I’m Slavering, Sam Lipsyte
  19. Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear, Joyce Carol Oates
  20. Footnote, Rommulus Linney
  21. My Lawrence, Claudia Smith
  22. Feeling Good, Feeling Fine, George Garrett
  23. We Ate the Children Last, Yann Martel
  24. Girl, Jamaica Kincaid *
  25. 1951, Richard Bausch
  26. PS, Jill McCorkle *
  27. The Hollow, James Lasdun
  28. Someone Ought to Tell Her There’s Nowhere to Go, Danielle Evans         
  29. Pompeii, Leslie Pietrzyk
  30. Ma, a Memoir, Lynn Freed
  31. Changes, Neil Gaiman
  32. The Wine Doctor, Frederick Adolf Paola *
  33. In Reference to Your Recent Communications, Tessa Brown *
  34. Following the Notes, Pia Z. Ehrhardt
  35. The Minimalist, Stacey Richter
  36. The Daughter of Owls, Neil Gaiman

* These were particularly enjoyable and I recommend adding these stories to your reading list.

The rest of the week will be dedicated to kids, work, catching up on writing, and not obsessing over whether or not I get accepted into the grad program.

See how my fellow ROW80 participants are doing here.

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Getting my little duckies all in a row (via Yahoo images)

This week has been far more productive than last week.

#1 – Edit “Elliott”: Okay, not with this goal. Still haven’t started. But I’m starting to feel the itch that the time will be right very soon.

#2 – Submit twice a month: I only submitted once this month. The story I wrote for my second submission did not turn out well, so I scrapped it. BUT…a poem I submitted in December to a national contest, judged by the poetry editor of Writer’s Digest magazine, came in #5. I was (and am) very excited about that!!

#3 – Post once or twice a week on the blog: Okay, I haven’t really posted much here other than the ROW80 updates, but I figure the blog posts I’m creating for the Hugo House sort of count, because if I wasn’t writing them for HH, I’d be putting them up here on my blog anyway. This one compares books to the movies they inspire. Guess which I think is better?

#4 – Write a poem every week: I wrote a poem for the HH blog, too, for the Word of the Day section. That day’s word was gloaming. It’s not a great poem by any means, but at least I was writing.

#5 – Read a story a day: Doing fairly well with this one, although I think I missed a day or two this week. I’ve decided to apply for grad school, so much of this week has been spent getting my acacemic ducks in a row, as well as writing the all-important and dreaded personal statement. Everything is due by Tuesday. Luckily, I’m almost finished with that (damn  darn brilliant) personal statement.

So that’s been my week. See how everyone else is doing here.

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This has been an interesting week in terms of my writing goals. I wanted to step up the posting non-ROW80 stuff here, but I don’t think that’s going to happen this week. You see, I’ve decided to apply for grad school, and the applications are due in a week. So I’ve been mostly focusing on the bureaucracy that entails, as well as writing the (dreaded) personal statement.

So…while I’m pretty sure I won’t be meeting my goals completely for the week (I did manage to write an entry for the Hugo House blog, although not sure when it will go up), I’m also pretty sure I won’t mind. Especially if my application is successful.

See how my fellow intrepid writers are doing here.

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