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writing blog picI’m in the midst of writing a short story. Since I mostly write poetry, this is a bit of a change. Especially since I’ve challenged myself to write every day. Consistency is not my strong suit—not when it comes to my own personal schedule. But since this story has grabbed my attention I’ve written for eleven days in a row (it’s a start…).

I think I read somewhere that you need to do something for at least twenty days in a row for it to become a habit. As much as I love to write, I’ve been inconsistent and haven’t made writing time a true priority. This was part of the reason for setting this challenge for myself—how can I seriously call myself a writer if I don’t take my writing seriously? I guess it’s not that my writing isn’t a habit; it just isn’t a very consistent one. That’s something I’d like to change.

Something I’ve learned during these past eleven days: I kinda’ understand why some authors drink. Ha! There have been moments, and tonight is one of them, when I’ve been nervous about writing. Not because I don’t know what I’m going to write, but because I’m not quite sure how it’s going to come out. I can totally see how a drink or two would relax you before you take to the pen—or keyboard, as the case may be. (Please understand that I’m writing this tongue-in-cheek. I’m not advocating alcoholism for anyone, author or otherwise.)

So tell me, does anyone else get nervous about writing a particular scene? I’ve been getting actual butterflies in my tummy at points. Typical? Or am I more neurotic than I thought?


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Cate writes…

…or does she?

Holy cow, it’s been almost a year and a half since I posted something here. And although I have written bits and pieces, I haven’t created anything of substance in a while. Quite a while.

There are reasons, of course. But there are always reasons not to write. Kids. Health problems. Work. Personal issues. No matter how valid they might be, at some point these cease being reasons and merely become excuses.

I hang my writerly head in shame at my thorough abandonment of my craft, my art, my passion. And even though I am in the midst of preparing for a major (read: international) move, I want to get reacquainted with myself as a writer. I need to do this.

Let’s see how well I do, shall we?

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