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So, after some encouragement from friends and support from my 6-year-old—who is also a writer—I’ve decided to continue the story that I found a bit ago. The writing is going slowly, but steadily. I’m curious to see where this goes. Perhaps the title will even come to me soon.

story graphicEmma rolled over to turn off her alarm. She’d set it earlier than necessary because she knew she’d be getting off to a slow start today, making ample use of the snooze alarm. But now it was time to start the day—and this new chapter in her life—in earnest.

She went through the motions of preparing for her first day back at work. A part of her missed her co-workers and was looking forward to having a little human interaction again. But she wasn’t looking forward to the looks of pity and the awkward condolences that she knew were coming. Just the thought of hearing “I’m so sorry…” or “If there’s anything I can do…” over and over was almost enough to make her stop brushing her hair and crawl back into bed. But she didn’t. “Emma,” she told her reflection, “it’s time you rejoined the land of the living.”

She moved to turn off the light as she left the bathroom, but stopped—hand reaching toward the light switch—and turned back to the mirror. “Even if you do wish you were with Oliver instead of here.”


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Exciting news. I’ve had a micro fiction piece selected for inclusion in an art exhibit at the Inca Institute in Seattle. Yes, an art exhibit. The whole concept behind this seems pretty cool. Very short stories/poems are combined with visual art works to go on display.

Needless to say, I’m rather curious to see the picture my story is paired with.

The exhibit opens this Sunday. If you are in the Emerald City, drop by and take a look. And be sure to let me know how everything looks! (And maybe tell me how awesome my story is. Ha!)

And now, as I write this, the rain is coming down in the desert. And there’s thunder! Oh my goodness—thunder. Having lived in Seattle for the last decade, this is good news. How I’ve missed thunder and lightning storms.

Art and thunder…such a fantastic mix.

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She was amused by the boy who, after loading the groceries into her car, wished her a good day in a tone that said he really couldn’t care less if she won the lottery or was eaten by rabid wolves.

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  1. Wanted: One new daddy.
    Apply immediately.
  2. Bee sting. Wedding reception becomes wake.
  3. Late getting home. Puppy. Uh oh.
  4. Cold beer. Back seat. Shotgun wedding.
  5. Bad night. Relationship over. Happy ending.

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