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One of the good things about selling everything you own is that you sell everything you own. I thought going into this that doing so would be more emotionally draining than it’s turned out to be. I am drained—physically—because late nights, early mornings, and moving furniture make a person tired. At least this person.

But surprisingly, this has been an energising excursion. It marks the beginning of another, much grander adventure.

Another benefit of selling everything you own is the opportunity to find stuff. All kinds of things—things you lost and things you didn’t even remember existed. Whilst clearing off my (numerous) bookshelves, I needed to organise, discard, or otherwise deal with an entire shelf of college notebooks. I saved the papers I wrote, because, well, I wrote the damn things. But notes and handouts and syllabuses all got recycled. The stack was three feet high and took more than one trip out to the recycle bin.

But amongst the papers I found my notebook from a 20th-century lit class. And in my notebook was a poem I had apparently jotted down while in class (there were a surprising number of poems and poem fragments in my notes).

for bell hooks

to front and fake it

break open their hearts

patriarchal notion

emotional awareness

giving lyric voice to

transformative power

spiritual penetration

serious politics of cool

a survival strategy

refusing to be a victim


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As much as I like taking pictures (and I really do), I have not embraced the available photographic technology with quite the same enthusiasm. In an ironic generational twist, my dad got a digital camera long before I did. It was years—years—after they came on the market, and numerous entreaties and promptings by my father, before I finally gave up the film and went digital.

And now the newest photographic fad is the selfie. Again, I have been reluctant to jump on the selfie bandwagon. I think because long before the term ‘selfie’ appeared, the popular method for taking a self-portrait with a camera involved standing in front of a mirror and taking a picture of the reflection. Thus ensuring that also included in the photograph was the inevitable cluttered bedroom or messy bathroom. Not aesthetically pleasing. At all.

But camera phones have, naturally, evolved with the times. Technology will scramble to keep up with consumer trends, after all. So now my iPhone includes a feature that makes it incredibly easy to turn your camera on yourself. And so…


I probably won’t embrace this whole selfie fad. I much prefer taking pictures of far more interesting subjects than myself. But a nice benefit of this camera feature is that I can take pictures of me with one of my favourite people. And there are very few pictures of this composition since I’m always the one taking the picture. So even better than the photo above are these two…

image (1)image (2)

And something that gives me this kind of result can’t be all bad. Right?

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golden leaves
blanket the ground
his plane gone

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