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Naturally, I am getting started on the reading portion of my ROW80 goals early. I can’t help it. Call me a compulsive reader. I went to a chiropractor once, and he was appalled at how much my purse weighed, and ordered me to get a smaller, lighter purse. But I can’t fit books into a small purse, and I can’t go anywhere without a book. Okay, so this was long before the Kindle was ever invented, but even so. When it comes to books, I’m a traditionalist. I have yet to become a Kindle convert.

Anyway, I’ve started reading stories by David Foster Wallace. I’d never even heard of David Foster Wallace until I took that “I Write Like” online analysis test. I submitted several different pieces…an essay, a story, and a poem…and each result came back that I wrote like David Foster Wallace. Well. Obviously I needed to find out who this author is.

I read his “Incarnations of Burned Children” in the collection New Sudden Fiction. Let me just say that it was awful. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. I mean that this story was well written, but what happened in it was so…awful. And heartbreaking. Wallace was so adept at capturing this everyday moment that can suddenly become so horribly life changing. I made the mistake of reading this story on my lunch break, and had a very hard time returning to work that day.

So now I’m reading stories from his collection Brief Interviews with Hideous Men. I just picked this up, so I haven’t gotten very far. But I will say now that I am completely enamored of Wallace’s versatility.

I’m going to go read some more now. Then maybe write some. You should, too.


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