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Divinity of Infinity

the religious will profess that
everyone must make time to confess,
since that’s what the parables proclaim

but the prodigious procession
leading to confession will leave an
aftertaste of absolute disdain

the terrible reality
is parables teach morality–
history is nowhere to be found

believe in the infinity
of absolute divinity, but
truly, it’s the other way around


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Just so you know…

I Got It

I got
I got
I got that pizzazz
that strut, that sway
yeah, I got it
make you turn your head
want to stay in bed
yeah, I got it
got your time of day
send your thoughts astray
but you got
you got to learn
that you must earn
what I got
you have to woo me
and charm me
and never try to harm me

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again, and

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…written immediately following a break-up. I found it on the back of an old bill I was going to throw away.

my love
I cannot stay
and so I give you
half the sky
I will keep the thunder
and rain clouds and hail
you keep the rainbows
and sunshine
I am not strong enough to
save us both
and I have learned I can
be my own sunshine

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human thigh bones are
stronger than concrete
if only that was true
for the heart
no calcium strengthens
this soulful muscle

if I were to drop your
heart onto the sidewalk from
our bedroom window
(and I must confess I’ve imagined
doing this more than once)
if I dropped your heart, would
it survive the fall?
or would the concrete accept my
sacrifice and devour your
heart, drinking in the blood and
whatever life still flowed
within the chambers after
being removed, delicately —
or maybe not quite so
gently — from your vicious,
viscous chest?

blood and fluids seep into
the concrete through cracks
and fissures, and there are some
red splatters on the grass
at least, I think there are
it’s hard to be sure from
three stories up

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saudade — longing, melancholy, nostalgia
the love of something or someone that is missing or lost

How is it possible for me
to be homesick for a home
I’ve never had? Sometimes,
when the moon keeps me
company, I remember you.
Perhaps it is the sterile silver
light, casting shadows on
everything but my heart.
Night is when I miss you
most, not because you are
gone, but because I never
knew you, or your heart,
as cold and sterile and
unresponsive to my touch
as moonbeams.

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silver drops of time
that caress my soul

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